The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Gloria...and I'm the creative genius behind FRP! LOL, just kidding! I am however the Owner, and Photographer. I have craved the art of capturing moments, and freezing them in time as memories for as long as I can remember. Some days I still can't believe that I actually got to grow up, and live my dream as a job. As a Photographer I strive to make each and every client that I work with feel as though they are a friend...and that's usually what happens too, lol! Whether photographing a couple during the beginning of their lives together, a child full of wonderment, a family with teens, or a brand new little life just emerging into the world I always strive to create, and capture memories for every single person I work with that they can hold on to, & cherish for a lifetime. That is my goal, that's what's important to me. Sometimes my style may consist of my subjects being lightly posed & directed, and sometimes I may not say a word...and all you'll hear is my camera clicking away catching candids. But either way, the natural personality of each subject is what I endeavor to capture through my lens!


So, if you'd like to contact me to schedule a Session or with any questions you may have, here's my info:

Phone: 318.990.2440

Baby T - Newborn Session

I know, I know - I have been such a HORRIBLE blogger, but I’ve tried…it was just to no avail. But that’s ok because I have the sweetest session to blog for you guys.

Meet Baby T, and his brother Jaelen whom you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting. That’s right Jaelen is now a big brother, and he’s actually such a wonderful, protective, big brother that really helps out quite well. It’s so funny watching Jaelen always checking on his little brother to make sure he’s ok, and giving him sweet kisses!!

Ok, enough gibberish from me, let’s get to the good part…..the pictures!

And as my own (new) little tradition would have it: I saved my favs for last!


  1. Oh my goodness Gloria, you are right. This is THE sweetest! That first one made me go, "Awwwww" out loud :) How special to capture big brother showing so much love.

  2. These are so tender, love the big brother in the shots!

  3. Look at those precious little men! I love how you captured the sweetness of the new big brother.

  4. Wutely perfect. The connection with big brother is amazing!!!!!!!! Wonderful job!