The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Gloria...and I'm the creative genius behind FRP! LOL, just kidding! I am however the Owner, and Photographer. I have craved the art of capturing moments, and freezing them in time as memories for as long as I can remember. Some days I still can't believe that I actually got to grow up, and live my dream as a job. As a Photographer I strive to make each and every client that I work with feel as though they are a friend...and that's usually what happens too, lol! Whether photographing a couple during the beginning of their lives together, a child full of wonderment, a family with teens, or a brand new little life just emerging into the world I always strive to create, and capture memories for every single person I work with that they can hold on to, & cherish for a lifetime. That is my goal, that's what's important to me. Sometimes my style may consist of my subjects being lightly posed & directed, and sometimes I may not say a word...and all you'll hear is my camera clicking away catching candids. But either way, the natural personality of each subject is what I endeavor to capture through my lens!


So, if you'd like to contact me to schedule a Session or with any questions you may have, here's my info:

Phone: 318.990.2440

Who Knew One (1) Could Be So Gorgeous?!!

Ok, so remember I told you all that I'd be posting pictures of an absolutely gorgeous little girl!!! Well, your wait was so worth it (even though it was WAY longer than I told you it'd be)! Oh, did you guess who it was???

Yep that tutu'd beauty below is Miss Jordyn Rae! She has grown so much in her one year. I thought she was just absolutely beautiful as a baby...but OH MY is she gorgeous now or what?!! She has such an amazingly cute personality, and does the exact opposite of what you try to get her to do!

We had so much fun, we went to two locations and had a blast at both!

So just briefly: for the first location she had the cutest ever custom made tutu with matching bloomers that had the daintiest polka dot bows, and the most adorable monogram of her name on the booty!

Thanks so much Rita at CoffeeShop for sharing your wonderful templates with me as well!!!

Then of course she had to change outfits for the second location, which were just as cute. Anything this child puts on is cute.....I mean look at her, need I say more?!!

I SOOO love this next shot! I finally got some eye contact (remember she does the opposite of what you want her to do, LOL)! Anywho thanks so much to Brenda Acuncius for the actions (I used "pink dull layer" on the right one).

Then she changed one more time (including hair style, hahaha)! I love her little dress!

I think this needs no introduction, but strictly for the sake of "just-because" I'll do it: And my favorite for last!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest post! Next time I'll be posting about 1 or 2 of my favorite new artists - music artist that is.....or maybe I'll share some of my favorite photography artist. Who knows, I guess you'll just have to come back and see which I choose!