The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Gloria...and I'm the creative genius behind FRP! LOL, just kidding! I am however the Owner, and Photographer. I have craved the art of capturing moments, and freezing them in time as memories for as long as I can remember. Some days I still can't believe that I actually got to grow up, and live my dream as a job. As a Photographer I strive to make each and every client that I work with feel as though they are a friend...and that's usually what happens too, lol! Whether photographing a couple during the beginning of their lives together, a child full of wonderment, a family with teens, or a brand new little life just emerging into the world I always strive to create, and capture memories for every single person I work with that they can hold on to, & cherish for a lifetime. That is my goal, that's what's important to me. Sometimes my style may consist of my subjects being lightly posed & directed, and sometimes I may not say a word...and all you'll hear is my camera clicking away catching candids. But either way, the natural personality of each subject is what I endeavor to capture through my lens!


So, if you'd like to contact me to schedule a Session or with any questions you may have, here's my info:

Phone: 318.990.2440

Memories & Organization.....go hand in hand!

Memories have always been important to me. It's part of the reason I developed a love for photography, because having the ability to preserve memories (whether mine of someone elses) was simply worries, I'm not going to get all sappy & give you the history, but I just wanted to lay the foundation-if you will-for this post!

Admittedly, despite the fact that my friends make fun of me I am a happy-germaphobic (because I don't fight it...I embrace & love it), obsessive-organizationalist freak! So, last Friday I made a plan and was absolutely determined to execute it. I was going to go through the house room by room (beginning with the kitchen) to throw away (things we don't use on a regular basis or at all: dishes, cookware, utensils, gadget, etc), clean the cabinets inside and out, and organize things. Well, Monday started this journey. The kitchen turned out to be a two day project all by itself (I think mostly because I tend to be extremely detail oriented, and persnickety-so I'm told, but whatever).

FINALLY I reach the last cabinet to be cleaned out, and as I'm getting rid of things left and right I reach in the back and pull out this beautiful piece of my memory...childhood memory even!

In case you're stumped, it's a pecan chopper. You drop pecans into the spout, turn the handle, and they get chopped, and dropped safely into the glass bottom.

When I laid eyes on this, it was as if someone had opened my memory floodgates! I so clearly remember being in my Grandmother's kitchen with her, helping her cook and bake for her family. She had 9 children and 20 grandchildren at the time, so she'd cook these HUGE meals because she knew they were coming. Her family has continued to grow-she now has 10 children (she adopted a daughter), 22 grandchildren, and 18 great grandchildren (one of which was born just yesterday)+ one on the way! So as time has passed naturally she has aged, and isn't able to do that like she used to (even though on special occassions she does it-#1 because she's just that cool & #2 because she is still a Mom says I act just like her, hahaha). My point is those recalled memories were warmly welcomed, and I appreciated them so much for revisiting me.
Now, I can't honestly say that this particular pecan chopper is the one that once belonged to my Grandmother, but it reminds me of her and sharing that time with her. I LOVE that old style design decorating the spout, but even more I love the scratches, chips, and imperfections that it carries. The flaked paint, the discoloration, the fading wood..........what a beautiful story it tells.

To end this post of course I'm going to leave you with some pictures that I took of the pecan chopper. I absolutely had to do a "vintage-y" conversion, it just felt right.

NOTE: Ok, so I know I was supposed to post some of my favorite artists next, but I just couldn't resist posting this first. So, I promise artists to come next!