The Girl Behind the Camera

Hi, I'm Gloria...and I'm the creative genius behind FRP! LOL, just kidding! I am however the Owner, and Photographer. I have craved the art of capturing moments, and freezing them in time as memories for as long as I can remember. Some days I still can't believe that I actually got to grow up, and live my dream as a job. As a Photographer I strive to make each and every client that I work with feel as though they are a friend...and that's usually what happens too, lol! Whether photographing a couple during the beginning of their lives together, a child full of wonderment, a family with teens, or a brand new little life just emerging into the world I always strive to create, and capture memories for every single person I work with that they can hold on to, & cherish for a lifetime. That is my goal, that's what's important to me. Sometimes my style may consist of my subjects being lightly posed & directed, and sometimes I may not say a word...and all you'll hear is my camera clicking away catching candids. But either way, the natural personality of each subject is what I endeavor to capture through my lens!


So, if you'd like to contact me to schedule a Session or with any questions you may have, here's my info:

Phone: 318.990.2440

Sincere Apologies...........

............they're generally pretty hard to come by, and even more so - seemingly - as time passes. Well, I was raised to be, and am on a daily basis an honest (and honest hearted) person! So, PLEASE believe me when I say to you (people of the blogger world, and my blog stalkers-I know who you are, lol) that I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for not sticking to my word and blogging more often as I had promised. I am so sorry.

Life.......................................................................has been pretty tough for me lately, and I'll save you all from the details, but it has been the majority of the reason why I haven't stuck to my word. I know that this next week (maybe two) will be extremely tough for me, so I won't promise you that I'll blog, but I will honestly and sincerely promise you that I'll try.

Hopefully soon I'll be back to being me, and all this will be over...whichever way it goes, and then I can live up to my promise!

Anywho, a post isn't a post without at least one picture, so I leave you with the two cutest cousins.....a set of heart breakers for sure:

Aren't they cutie pa-tooty's?!! Each of them have a sybling, and let me tell you...the four of them gave me a run for my money, but that's ok we still had a fun(ny) Session!

I have this Session, and a Family Session that I need to blog, plus all the other stuff I told y'all I'd blog about!!! So as soon as I'm all back on track (does that ever really happen?) I'll get started!!!

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